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Zozef's style attarction

And the beautiful walnut staves !
The luthier sent me yesterday photographs from the bouzouki construction after the application of polishing.  The shellac application brought out the rich and beautiful colors of the walnut staves dating 40+ years ago  On another note, the Golden Ratio logarithm (which this unique bouzouki construction follows) may be proven to create very attractive bouzouki instruments. 
The comments, messages, and emails, which I have received from friends and followers,  and the positive feedback in social media regarding its design and overall visuals and aesthetic balance, is overwhelming.
Someone could say that the visual attraction is similar to the inexplicable attraction we all have experienced when looking the Zozef's 1950s unique bouzouki instruments.
A lot of speculation has already been generated by bouzouki enthusiasts, following my first public post regarding Zozef Terzivassian's  bouzouki construction and design, and my hypothesis that the ear…

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