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Revealing the Secrets of Sacred Geometry

The Golden Ratio Logarithm into practice !

Couple of days ago, the new trend of electronic publisher , Gaia ( advertised a new upcoming series of documentaries regarding the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio logarithm. The title of the series : "The Flower of Life"
Coincidentally, two (2)  weeks ago, I created  a poll , regarding the Golden Ratio logarithm,  andtwo almost identical bouzouki decorations, having only one of them following the Golden Ratio logarithm.  From the counted votes, 93%  of the participants agreed that the most attractive design,was Design B Coincidence ? The Design B , is the  one  following the Golden Ratio logarithm and the Fibonacci Spiral
In this post I will explain the methodology followed to place all decorative elements accordingly to the Golden Mean . This way new, inspired, amateur luthiers,  and musical-instrument-construction lovers , can be initiated  into the "mystical"  design codes of the golden rati…

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