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The sound on the bouzouki is like the dough, you mold it with your bare hands.

The Rebetiko, therefore, from its initial birth up to this day, is alive!
Prologue The next guest seems to come from the past, from the years of purity of the Peiraiotiko Rebetiko and the first recordings of 1920-1930. His ethos, simplicity, doricity and sweetness of his play, the undoubted great talent, but above everything, his enormous love for the genre which for so many years respectably serves, would fairly rank him among the pioneer musicians and instrumentalists of the Pre-War Rebetiko. I have finally the honor of welcoming the  master, musician, and teacher Spyro Gkouma

- What is Rebetiko for Spyro Gkouma? Not as an etymology of a word but as a feeling, as a phenomenon and experience of a musical genre which for many years you serve respectably
Mr.  Spyros Gkoumas As many times as I have tried to describe what Rebetiko is,-not as etymology of the word, but as to what I feel about it,- I have concluded the following: Happiness, joy, sadness, pain, sorrow, despair, love, i…

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