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The Rebetiko is innately romantic!

My journey started with a deep need to be involved with music!

The voice of  my next guest  with the distinctive vibrato and diverse warm complexion has the unique power to transport the listener back to Smyrnaiko, to Rebetiko Oriental, to the prewar Peiraiwtiko Rebetiko and Laiko, with roots which palpitate and reach the primordial Greek folk music.

Her skill and talent as a musician and instrumentalist, her passion for traditional music and Rebetiko, her unique voice, have worthily ranked her among the authentic and genuine representatives of Rebetiko, as she  has collaborated with the most famous bouzouki soloists of nowadays,  and she has toured in Europe and US participating in concerts next to George Dalaras

I finally have the honor of welcoming  the virtuoso, musician, and singer Athena Labiri

-Is  Athena Lambiri  a"Rempetissa from a bygone era, who accidentally born in the future? A young musician, who has opposed  following outlandish sounds and trend hits of our …

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