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The devil in details

Perfection and symmetry!

As I mentioned on an earlier post, the talented luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis ( has already constructed a new custom mold with specific dimensions and curvature for the upcoming  unique construction of a three course bouzouki instrument, inspired by the 1950's Zozef Terzivassian's beautiful bouzoukia

In an attempt to create extreme symmetry and perfection, the  luthier discharged four (4) completed bouzouki bowls, before the last one,- made by old Greek walnut wood-, took its final shape.

Giannis also created a unique design of capping strip (kolantza), inspired by the capping strips of 1950's Zozef Terzivassian's bouzoukia

Luthier's next step is to clean the bowl from glue, to scrap and sand it inside out, bringing out all of its enchanting beauty.

The luthier sent me some photos  illustrating the creation of the bowl just before and after it has been taken out of the mold.

Stay tuned as the luthier will try to give…

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